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RNS:: Cuckoo Clock

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: Cuckoo Clock - icon Cuckoo Clock:
Your mobile device will cuckoo out loud every hour - like an old wall clock!

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RNS:: Cuckoo Clock - software screenshot
Description of Cuckoo ClockRNS:: logo
Install RNS:: Cuckoo Clock on your handheld, and it will produce a cuckoo ringtone every hour!
Cuckoo Clock can work even if your handheld is off.
It will play a selected cuckoo sound hourly, repeating it the number of hours (once at one o'clock, twice at two o'clock, etc.), or a user-defined number of times.
Optional cuckooing every 15 minutes or every half an hour is also available.
Cuckoo Clock's flexibilityRNS:: logo
Cuckoo Clock is highly configurable. It lets you select one of the following sounds:

Additional configuration options let you adjust volume for each part of the day separately - by default, the clock cuckoos louder during the day than during the night - see the picture to the right.

Even more options let you adjust Cuckoo Clock to your needs.
RNS:: Cuckoo Clock - volume adjustment
Impress your friends!RNS:: logo
Experience the incredible feeling of having a real cuckoo clock in your pocket -
- download RNS:: Cuckoo Clock today!
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