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RNS:: Cuckoo Clock version history

New in version 5.0RNS:: logo
  • Optional cuckooing half past, quarter past, and/or quarter to every hour.
  • Option to disable Cuckoo Clock on selected days of week.
  • Cuckoo Clock's face color customization.
  • Simplified and more friendly User Interface.
  • Bugfix - keyguard could appear after cuckooing even if it was disabled in Prefs.
  • Other minor bugfixes and enhancements.
New in version 4.1RNS:: logo
  • Option to disable Cuckoo Clock for a given time of a day.
  • Vibration notification option.
  • New sound - "Short Beep" to imitate wrist-watch hourly sound.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
New in version 4.0RNS:: logo
  • High resolution graphics added.
  • Clock's face slightly redesigned.
  • Treo 650, Treo 680, and Treo 700p compatible.
  • 5-Way Navigator support on Treo, Tungsten, and LifeDrive devices.
  • Bugfix - keyguard did not operate properly.
New in version 3.0RNS:: logo
  • If cuckooing is interrupted by the user, the handheld automatically goes off if it was off before cuckooing.
  • The "Mute when system muted" option added.
  • The "Cuckoo 3 seconds earlier" option added to avoid conflicts with alarms set to full hours.
  • Cuckooing is now disabled during phone calls on Treo devices.
  • Sounds can be interrupted also on Palm OS 5 devices.
  • Bugfix - did not correctly detect sound drivers on some older Sony devices.
  • Bugfix - did not accurately cuckoo on Treo 600 when the device was switched off.
New in version 2.0RNS:: logo
  • Enhanced Sound now available on all Tungsten devices.
  • The "Disable when Palm locked" option added.
  • Bugfix - did not restore color palette for the applications (mostly games) that modify it.
New in version 1.0RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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Visit Cuckoo Clock's home site to learn more about the software.
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