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RNS:: Cuckoo Clock reviews by PalmGear customers

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This may seem expensive for an app that does only one thing, but I've never regretted the purchase. The one thing I missed when I stopped wearing a watch was the hourly 'chirp' - just keeps the day in perspective. Cuckoo Clock fills that gap, and the 'Bell & Cuckoo' sound is totally realistic. I keep the volume set fairly low and I love the perplexed look people around me get when they hear it. :)
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Interesting software. A very brilliant idea on making cuckoo clock sound on my Clie NX70V. It'll turn off the PDA right after the last tick if the device was in sleep before it started cuckooing. It's a pity that the volume setting is somehow difficult to set a precise level at a particular hour. I'll give it 5 stars if this is been fixed.
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If you enjoy a cuckoo clock in your house then this program is a must have for when you're out of the house! The audio clips are as pleasant to hear as my wall clock. The software features work as listed and the volume/time function is sweet.
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