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RNS:: Hi-Launcher

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platforms: Palm OS, Windows Mobile

RSS channel - RNS:: Hi-Launcher Overview of Hi-Launcher 1.1RNS:: logo
RNS:: Hi-Launcher - icon Hi-Launcher for Windows Mobile
Highly customizable Start Menu replacement. Speed up and simplify your PDA!

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RNS:: Hi-Launcher - software screenshot
Hi-Launcher - direct access to all your frequently used commands!RNS:: logo

The main purpose of using Hi-Launcher is to greatly accelerate and simplify your work with the Windows Mobile device.

This has been achieved in two ways:

  • Enhanced Start Menu
    Design the Menu yourself by filling it with commands that you use most often!

  • Instant task switching
    Switch between running programs with a single button or screen gesture!

Functional MenusShow me some ideas for Menu design!
FAQAdjusting the Menu to my needs...

You design it!RNS:: logo
It's totally up to you how the Menu looks - you can design it yourself. These illustrations are just examples:

Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu
Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu
Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu
Start Menu? No! Hi-Launcher!
Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu

Different needs, different fancies, different Menus!

Each item in your Menu can perform the desired operation:
  • Run a program
  • Open a web address
  • Dial a phone number
  • Toggle devices on or off
  • Display battery/memory state
  • ...and many other!
Start Menu? No! Hi-Launcher!
Hi-Launcher vs. Start MenuRNS:: logo
Learn why Hi-Launcher is better than the original Start Menu:
The original
Start Menu
Program Run static programsup to 7unlimited
List Program Run recent programsup to 7unlimited
Run Run any executable filenot availableas desired
End Task End selected/all tasksnot availableas desired
Switch Task Switch between running tasksnot availableas desired
Toggle Phone Toggle phone on or offnot availableas desired
Toggle Bluetooth Toggle Bluetooth on or offnot availableas desired
Toggle Network Toggle Wi-Fi on or offnot availableas desired
Rotate Screen Rotate screennot availableas desired
Status Date/Time Display date/timenot availableas desired
Status Memory Display free memorynot availableas desired
Status Battery Display battery statenot availableas desired
Lock Lock the devicenot availableas desired
Soft Reset Perform a soft resetnot availableas desired
List Redial Redial listnot availableas desired
Dial Dial phone numbershard to configureas desired
Go To Open web linkshard to configureas desired
Send e-mail Send e-mail messageshard to configureas desired
Send text message Send text messageshard to configureas desired
Setting Open Settings panelsvia Settings onlyvia Settings or directly

Layoutfixedas desired
Colors, fonts, icons, alignmentfixedas desired
Frame color, thickness, shapefixedas desired
Size, positionfixedas desired
Sorting order, keyboard shortcutsfixedas desired
Separatorsfixedas desired
Iconic itemslandscape mode onlyas desired
Submenusnot availableas desired
Automatic dismiss timeoutnot availableas desired
Remove unused itemsnot availableas desired
Modify/customize itemsnot availableas desired
Pop up animation1 effect only4 effects available

Menu access (bringing to screen)Start button onlyStart button,
any hard button,
or screen gesture
Switching back to recent taskneeds 2 tapsany hard button
or screen gesture
Several changeable designsnot available
(one fixed design)
available through
Menu Save/Load
Available even on Windows Mobile 6.5noyes
Can mimic the original Start Menu-yes
Can mimic Hi-Launcher's Menuno-

Overall:UnconfigurableFully customizable

Hi-Launcher user's resourcesRNS:: logo
User's manualUser's manual - everything you need to know to use Hi-Launcher efficiently.
User's ManualUser's manual PDF - downloadable version of the user's manual.
Forum threadsForum - read comments about Hi-Launcher and post your own messages.
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