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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Design The Menu screenRNS:: logo

Because it is you who decides what items the Hi-Launcher's Menu contains, you must add these items to your Menu. Each item can perform a different operation, e.g. start a program, toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi state, or display current date and time.

Use this screen to design the Menu yourself or to edit a pre-configured Menu loaded with the Load Special menu command in the main screen.

The main element in this screen is the big list that contains all items of the designed Menu. Under the list there are four function buttons:

  • Plus
    Adds new items to the list (it is the only visible button when there is no selection in the list).
  • Minus
    Removes the selected item from the list.
  • Up, Down
    Moves the selected item by one position up/down (applies to items with captions only).
  • Left, Right
    Moves the selected item by one position left/right (applies to captionless items only).

After selecting an item in the main list, its properties are displayed in the right half of the screen. The set of options depends on the type of the selected item. Tap here to learn about all available Menu item types. There are, however, a few common properties:

  • Item type
    This drop-down list consists of actions that may be assigned to the selected Menu item.
  • Caption
    This option consists of a checkbox and a text field. If the checkbox is checked, the selected Menu item is treated as "captioned", which means that it can have an icon and a caption, and that it occupies the entire single Menu row. Use the text field below the checkbox to edit the caption. If the checkbox is cleared, the item is treated as "captionless" (iconic), which means that it does not have a visible caption; you may put several captionless (iconic) items in a single Menu row.
  • B
    This button toggles the bold font for the Menu item captions.
  • Colors
    This group of buttons allows you to change the color of the selected menu item: Back (item's background color, or highlight/selection color if a background picture is used), Text (font color), Line (line color of the Splitter items).

The menu of this screen (available after pressing the Menu soft button at the bottom of the screen) consists of the following commands:

  • Item
    Contains commands that operate on the selected Menu item: Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate (move and/or copy Menu items), Copy Style and Paste Style (copy the color, font, and alignment properties between Menu items), Properties (displays the Item Properties screen with advanced item properties).
  • Group
    Contains commands that operate on Menu items belonging to the group of the selected item. A single "group" consists of contiguous Menu items separated from other groups by a Splitter item. The available commands are: Paste Style (works like the Menu > Item > Paste Style command, but affects the whole group), Sort Alphabetically (works like the Menu > Sort Alphabetically command, but affects the selected group only).
  • Paste Style
    Works like the Menu > Item > Paste Style command, but affects the whole Menu.
  • Sort Alphabetically
    Automatically sorts all captioned Menu items in their groups. A single "group" consists of contiguous Menu items separated from other groups by a Splitter item. As a result, all Splitter items retain their positions.
  • Assign Shortcut Characters
    Automatically assigns shortcut keys to all clickable captioned Menu items. Refer to the description of the Shortcut character option in the Item Properties screen for more information.
HintsRNS:: logo

Instead of using the Up, Down, Left, or Right buttons, you may drag-and-drop items in the main list.

You may resize the contents of this window by dragging the black triangle at the top of the screen.

The width of the main list has no influence on the width of the actual Menu. The latter will be adjusted automatically to the width of the widest Menu item.

The height of all items in the main list is the same. It corresponds to the Display Options > Contents tab > Item height setting. Captionless Splitter items, however, will be thinner in the actual Menu than shown in this list.

Selected items in the main list are surrounded by a frame. Its color is usually black, but a gray frame symbolizes hidden items, and a red frame symbolizes the default item in the Menu. You may configure these options with the Menu > Item > Properties command.

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