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RNS:: NMEA Logger

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: NMEA Logger - icon NMEA Logger:
Writes raw NMEA data from a GPS receiver directly to a file on a memory card.

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Description of NMEA LoggerRNS:: logo

This simple freeware application lets you collect all data that your GPS receiver sends to your PDA. All GPS devices working in the NMEA 0183 protocol are supported (vast majority of popular GPS receivers). The received data is saved directly to a selected file on a memory card. You can load the file into any application supporting this protocol. There are many desktop applications that can perform various calculations, show statistics, and present paths that they read from such file.

About the NMEA protocolRNS:: logo

NMEA 0183 (in short: NMEA) is an electrical interface and data protocol for communications between marine instrumentation. These include echo sounders, sonars, anemometers, gyrocompasses, autopilots, GPS receivers and many other types of electronic devices. It has been defined by the National Marine Electronics Association.

The NMEA 0183 standard uses a human-readable plain-text serial communications protocol. It defines how data is transmitted in a "sentence" between any connected devices. It also covers the application layer, where it defines the contents of each sentence (message).

Software compatibilityRNS:: logo
The list of NMEA compliant software:
  • GPSy X for Mac OS X
  • Linux GPS Daemon
  • Magic e-Map
  • MapKing
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008
  • NemaTalker NMEA instrument simulation
  • NetStumbler
  • Rand McNally StreetFinder
  • Serotonin Mango M2M
To create paths for Google Earth, please use the Path2KML application instead.
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