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Read this threadNew usage of Hi-Launcher in WM6.5.x and requests (0)February 15th, 2011
Read this threadStart hi launcher through shortcut (2)January 31st, 2011
Read this threadCab to trigger Hi-Launcher by shorcut (1)January 31st, 2011
Read this threadFuture request for version 1.2 (2)August 13th, 2010
Read this threadHTC volume buttons bug? (1)March 23rd, 2010
Read this threadshortcut to run Hi-Launcher (3)March 10th, 2010
Read this threadPossible additions for future (4)March 10th, 2010
Read this threadLaunch From Softkey (1)February 23rd, 2010
Read this threadSoftreset Problem (15)February 10th, 2010
Read this threadThe Menu does not fit on the landscape screen (2)February 2nd, 2010
Read this threadFeatures planned for version 1.1 (8)January 11th, 2010
Read this threadNon-touchscreen compatibility (2)January 6th, 2010
Read this threadfuture request (3)December 16th, 2009
Read this threadpick program with parameters support (8)December 16th, 2009
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