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RNS:: WiFiTalkie

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: WiFiTalkie - icon WiFiTalkie:
Turn your Palm device into a Walkie-Talkie!

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Description of WiFiTalkieRNS:: logo
RNS:: WiFiTalkie turns your Palm handheld into a Walkie-Talkie. Using a broadband network connection (such as WiFi) it lets you communicate between 2 or more Palm devices. WiFiTalkie uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to broadcast audio data.
WiFiTalkie requirementsRNS:: logo
WiFiTalkie requires two or more Palm OS 5 devices with a broadband network connection.
Devices must be connected to the same network:
  • to the same WiFi router
  • to the same AdHoc network
  • or directly to the Internet
WiFi connection modes

Connection instructionsClick here to learn how to connect your Palm devices.
Basic WiFiTalkie applicationsRNS:: logo
  • as a corporate intercom
  • as a home intercom
  • to coordinate events or meetings
  • to monitor buildings, facilities, and grounds
  • to coordinate workers or crew
  • to manage a warehouse, a store, or a production line
  • to collect orders (e.g. in restaurants, pubs, bars)
  • to communicate between two moving vehicles
  • in various outdoor activities
  • as a baby monitor
  • as a children's toy
Features of WiFiTalkieRNS:: logo
Supports full duplex mode, which lets you broadcast and receive voice simultaneously.
Enables broadcasting to two or more devices simultaneously (the maximum number is limited by the devices and network speed).
Offers several additional functions (such as "push-to-talk switch", "noise if no transmission", "beep after each transmission") which make it truly resemble a genuine walkietalkie.
Some features may not be available on particular devices or with some network configurations. Please get familiar with the trial version before you order the full one.
Warning: Each full version license is valid for one user only, but for any number of devices he/she owns.
WiFiTalkie user's resourcesRNS:: logo
Forum threadsForum - read comments about WiFiTalkie and post your own messages.
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