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RNS:: Big Clipboard

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

RSS channel - RNS:: Big Clipboard Overview of Big Clipboard 1.3RNS:: logo
RNS:: Big Clipboard - icon Big Clipboard:
Alternative clipboard with unlimited size and simplified access.

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RNS:: Big Clipboard - software screenshot
Description of Big ClipboardRNS:: logo
RNS:: presents the alternative, huge, and convenient clipboard for Palm OS 5 devices!
  • Huge - no 1000 bytes limit of the system clipboard
  • Alternative - does not interfere with the system clipboard
  • Convenient - use simple Graffiti strokes to operate
Convenient accessRNS:: logo
Use the following Graffiti strokes to perform typical clipboard operations:
  • Copy - Fav -> Num Graffiti
  • Cut - Fav -> Char Graffiti
  • Paste - Find -> Num Graffiti
  • Replace - Find -> Char Graffiti

Please refer to the screenshot for better explaination of these strokes.

The Replace command is a unique feature of Big Clipboard. It copies the currently selected text to clipboard and replaces that text with previous clipboard contents.

Note that Big Clipboard requires Graffiti area to operate.

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