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RNS:: Satellite Clock user's manual

Main screenRNS:: logo

The main screen of RNS:: Satellite Clock simply displays the clock's face. Unique features of this program are the possibility to show precise satellite time and the support of skins. The clock's look and behavior can be changed with the following menu commands:

The clock shows either the current system time, or satellite time read from a GPS receiver:

  • Tap the Connect button at the bottom of the screen to connect with the GPS receiver. The "Satellite Time" label appears on the clock's face once the satellite time is successfully acquired.
  • Tap the Disconnect button to return to showing the system time.

The menu contains several additional commands:

  • Full Screen
    Switches to the full screen display mode. Tap the screen to return to normal mode.
  • Synchronize
    Synchronizes the system clock with the precise satellite time.
  • GPS Settings
    Opens the system GPS configuration settings screen.

The clock always uses the currently selected time zone. To change it, tap Start > Settings > System tab > Clock & Alarms > Time tab.

Using help:

All windows in this software have individual help articles. Tap Start > Help over any window to display them.

Preferences screenRNS:: logo

This screen contains several settings for RNS:: Satellite Clock:

  • Smooth hand shapes
    Uses the anti-aliasing technique to make the clock's hands look more natural. This option uses additional memory and requires more processing power.
  • Smooth hand motion
    Fluently moves the clock's seconds hand instead of advancing it once per second. This option requires more processing power.
  • Shadow under hands
    Draws shadow below each clock's hand to make the clock look more natural. This option uses additional memory and requires more processing power.
  • Disable auto-off
    Disables turning off the screen when the program is running.
Pick Skin screenRNS:: logo

Use this screen to load custom graphical appearance (skin) for RNS:: Satellite Clock. This option allows you to significantly diversify the look of the clock's face. Tap Get Skins... or visit the program's website to download additional skins.

FULL and TRIAL version informationRNS:: logo

The TRIAL version differs from the FULL version in that the clock's hands go backwards (counter-clockwise).

Please register the FULL version!

See alsoRNS:: logo
User's ManualDownload the complete User's Manual as a PDF document.

Visit Satellite Clock's home site to learn more about the software.

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