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RNS:: TopCallLogTool version history

New in version 1.4:RNS:: logo
  • The call log update function looks up numbers in Contacts first and then in Speed Dial.
  • Forced recognition of short phone numbers in the call log update function.
  • Bugfix - Speed Dial was not recognized on newer devices in the call log update function.
  • Bugfix - screen refresh could fail in some circumstances.
New in version 1.3:RNS:: logo
  • Significant speed optimisation on Palm Centro devices.
  • Bugfix - could not create file in the call log export function in some circumstances.
Name Change RNS:: logo

On 03/14/2008 all RNS:: products related with Treo change their name prefix from "Treo" to "Top".
The change was necessary after Palm released a new Treo smartphone (Centro) under a non-Treo name.
All our products remain unchanged, and they are compatible with Treo and Centro smartphones.
Here is the complete list of name changes:
RNS:: TreoAreaCodes ==> RNS:: TopAreaCodes
RNS:: TreoCallLogTool ==> RNS:: TopCallLogTool
RNS:: TreoCameraTimer ==> RNS:: TopCameraTimer
RNS:: TreoCommandBar ==> RNS:: TopCommandBar
RNS:: TreoCrashLog ==> RNS:: TopCrashLog
RNS:: TreoHomeFix Hack ==> RNS:: TopHomeFix Hack
RNS:: TreoNaviText ==> RNS:: TopNaviText
RNS:: TreoOfflineViewer ==> RNS:: TopOfflineViewer
RNS:: TreoRingtoneInstaller ==> RNS:: TopRingtoneInstaller
RNS:: TreoSelecText ==> RNS:: TopSelecText
RNS:: TreoShortCuts ==> RNS:: TopShortCuts
RNS:: TreoVCardReceiver ==> RNS:: TopVCardReceiver
RNS:: TreoPack 2008 ==> RNS:: Phone Tools Pack 2008

New in version 1.2:RNS:: logo
  • Significant speed optimisation.
  • Destination directory browser for the call log export function.
New in version 1.1:RNS:: logo
  • Treo 680 compatible.
  • Possibility to cancel call log operations.
  • Confirmation before rewriting an exported call log file.
  • Could freeze for a while after lengthy operations on NVFS Treos.
  • Treo could automatically turn off after lengthy operations.
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily statistics could be inaccurate after archiving or purging the call log database.
  • Other minor enhancements and bugfixes...
New in version 1.0:RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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