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RNS:: Memory Scanner version history

New in version 3.0RNS:: logo
  • "Scan For Errors" module to find database system problems that might cause device instability, crashes, resets, or HotSync failures.
  • Exclusive filters option - choose which databases or resources should not be scanned.
  • "Text to Hex" and "Hex to Text" tools to easily translate searching string representation.
  • Maximum number of search results increased from 6400 to 8000.
  • Scan is now performed in the alphabetical order.
  • Dynamically created PIM databases are now skipped if scanning them would be redundant.
New in version 2.2RNS:: logo
  • The list of found databases is now sorted alphabetically.
  • 5-Way Navigator support on Treo, Tungsten, and LifeDrive devices.
  • Other minor enhancements and bugfixes...
New in version 2.1RNS:: logo
  • "Ignore Case" search option.
  • Scan speed increased by 5-10%.
  • High resolution bitmaps included.
New in version 2.0RNS:: logo
  • Scan speed increased over 10 times on Palm OS 5 devices (ARM code used)!
  • Supports data chunks larger than 64K.
  • Maximum number of search results increased from 4000 to over 6000.
  • Other minor enhancements and bugfixes...
New in version 1.4RNS:: logo
  • Option to display byte offset and size values in hexadecimals.
New in version 1.3RNS:: logo
  • Palm Zire 72 and Palm Zire 31 compatible.
New in version 1.2RNS:: logo
  • Bugfix - crashed on some corrupt databases.
  • Bugfix - crashed on the "Match" -> "Goto" menu command.
New in version 1.1RNS:: logo
  • Filter definitions saving/loading.
  • Preset filters.
  • Scan statistics dialog.
  • Database information dialog.
  • Bugfix - crashed on some empty databases.
New in version 1.0RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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