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RNS:: HoHo version history

New in version 4.5:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Editor - MIDI file editing with use of 128 synthetized MIDI instruments on Treo and Centro devices.
  • MIDI Editor - supports all MIDI files with a single track (i.e. not only SMF0, but also such SMF1 and SMF2 files).
  • MIDI Editor - supports MIDI files with generic data chunks.
  • MIDI Editor - automatic removal of lengthless rests.
  • MIDI Editor - bugfix - deleting any note messed up the last note.
  • MIDI Editor - minor bugfixes for Treo and Centro devices.
  • MIDI Import - supports all MIDI files with a single track (i.e. not only SMF0, but also such SMF1 and SMF2 files).
  • MIDI Import - supports MIDI files with generic data chunks.
  • MIDI Import - always keeps note indexes within octaves.
  • MIDI Import - enhanced method of MIDI duration to note length conversion.
  • MIDI Import - bugfix - crashed on processing lengthless rests.
New in version 4.4:RNS:: logo
  • Instruments Plug-in - playback with use of 128 synthetized MIDI instruments on Treo and Centro devices.
  • 5-Way Navigator and Treo/Centro side buttons support.
  • Sony Clie Jog Dial button support.
  • Staff - displays the currently played note (like all other Keyboards).
  • Staff - high resolution graphics.
  • Staff - displays the clef at the beginning of the staff.
  • Bugfix - staccato playback was not always staccato on Treo and Centro devices.
  • Bugfix - recording from Keyboards did not work after MIDI Import had failed or had been cancelled.
  • MIDI Export - MIDI file creation with use of 128 synthetized MIDI instruments on Treo and Centro devices.
  • MIDI Manager - bugfix - the "Scan" option could stop on MIDI files with unsupported subformat.
  • MIDI Manager - bugfix - the "Scan" option could not be manually stopped on Treo and Centro devices.
  • MIDI Manager - other minor bugfixes for Treo and Centro devices.
  • MIDI Card - directory selection dialog.
  • MIDI Card - automatically converts to SMF0 (the only subformat supported by Palm) if an imported SMF1 or SMF2 file has a single track and the "SMF0 only" option is checked.
  • MIDI Card - automatically converts invalid FAT characters to underscores while exporting.
  • Ringtone Editor - single-dialog user interface for the "Replace" command.
New in version 4.3:RNS:: logo
  • High resolution graphics (bitmaps, icons).
  • Bugfix - did not always play sound on Sony Cli´┐Ż Palm OS 5 devices.
  • MIDI Manager - bugfix - crashed on renaming large MIDI files.
New in version 4.2:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Card Plug-in - export and import MIDI files from expansion cards.
  • Multiple MIDI databases with the same creator IDs handling.
  • Speed enhancements on Palm OS 5 and newer.
  • Motorola Format - slightly modified.
New in version 4.1:RNS:: logo
  • Ringtone format autodetection.
  • MIDI Manager - the "Sort" command - sorts MIDI files in a database by name or size.
  • MIDI Manager - capable of sending (and receiving) MIDI files via SMS or Bluetooth.
  • MIDI Manager - now sends (and receives) MIDI files in the standard MIDI format (as *.mid files).
  • Intuitivity, esthetic and other minor improvements.
  • MIDI Manager - esthetic and other minor improvements.
  • Alcatel Format - slightly modified.
  • RTTTL - bugfix - still did not cooperate with the Ringtone Save Plug-in if a ringtone contained RTTTL header.
New in version 4.0:RNS:: logo
  • Supports the unlimited number of MIDI databases - Tungsten W, Treo 300, and other (future) devices ready.
  • Fully compatible with Sony Clie devices.
  • MIDI Export - saves tempo in the metrical time instead of the time-code-based time.
  • MIDI Export - option to go directly to MIDI Manager after exporting.
  • Staff - now supports complete 3 octaves.
  • Siemens Format - slightly extended.
  • Ericsson Format - slightly extended and renamed to Ericsson e (Extended EMelody).
  • New format - Ericsson i (iMelody).
  • RTTTL - bugfix - did not cooperate with the Ringtone Save Plug-in.
  • Other minor improvements/additions/enhancements.
New in version 3.7:RNS:: logo
  • Ringtone Save Plug-in - save and load your ringtones from Memo Pad.
  • New Format Plug-in - Panasonic keypress sequence.
  • Ericsson Format - slightly extended.
  • MIDI Editor - MIDI playback volume setting (shared with MIDI Manager).
  • MIDI Manager - minor changes.
New in version 3.6:RNS:: logo
  • Infra Red (IR) ringtones printing (with IrPrint or PalmPrint).
  • MIDI Manager - exporting MIDI files' titles to Memo Pad.
  • MIDI Manager - much faster MIDI files moving.
New in version 3.5:RNS:: logo
  • "Ignore wrong notes" option lets you mix your ringtones with text or even music with its lyrics.
  • Extended hard button functionality.
  • MIDI Manager - "Scan" command.
  • MIDI Manager - MIDI playback volume setting.
  • MIDI Editor - "Play from the marker" button.
  • Ringtone Editor - 4x higher strings to replace length limit.
  • OK and Cancel buttons in HoHo Preferences.
  • Internal data transfer and storage skeletons totally rebuilt - HoHo works faster and needs less memory.
  • Plug-ins size reduced due to new plug-in architecture model (all but keyboard plug-ins).
New in version 3.1.1:RNS:: logo
  • Full version - prc size reduced by 2K through code optimization.
  • Trial version - helper screen for plug-ins selection.
  • Staff - bugfix - hard buttons work again.
New in version 3.1:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Import and MIDI Editor - extended MIDI decoding engine.
  • MIDI Manager and MIDI Editor - "Stop" button during MIDI playback.
  • Ringtone Editor Plug-in (currently provides the "Replace" command only).
  • MIDI Manager - "Copy to..." list updating bugfix.
  • MIDI Import - "Auto" command for too spread note lengths fixed.
  • Tooltips memory leaks bugfix.
New in version 3.0:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Editor Plug-in (Master your alarms without data loss!)
  • Tooltips for the Toolbar.
  • MIDI Manager - beam MIDI Database.
  • MIDI Manager - duplicate MIDI files.
  • MIDI Import - accepts meta-events, respects end marker.
  • MIDI Creator - bugfix.
  • Staff Keyboard - C-note indicators.
  • Nokia Format - slightly extended.
  • Motorola Format - slightly modified.
  • Lots of internal changes.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • HoHo is now shareware.
New in version 2.2:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Import Plug-in (get your alarms back to HoHo!).
  • HoHo Format now supports all 4 octaves.
  • Lots of minor/internal changes.
New in version 2.1:RNS:: logo
  • MIDI Beaming (to and from the MIDI Manager).
  • Staff Plug-in (it's so easy to copy the music from sheet-music now).
  • Handspring MIDI databases support (e.g. System Ring Tones database).
  • Motorall Plug-in (Format Plug-in).
New in version 2.0:RNS:: logo
  • Plug-in support (allows main program file to fit on every Palm!).
  • Big Piano Plug-in (great for professional ringtone creators!) - the ringtone creation is so easy now!
  • Toolbar for quick access to frequently used commands.
  • New Format Plug-in - Nokia Keys (Composer).
  • Finally the scrollbar is present!
  • Lots of minor/internal changes.
New in version 1.5:RNS:: logo
  • 'Mode 7' (Alcatel standard support).
  • 'Play selection / from cursor' command added.
  • Exact slider values display (while sliding).
New in version 1.4b:RNS:: logo
  • 'Mode 6' (Panasonic standard support).
New in version 1.4a:RNS:: logo
  • Code optimalization.
  • Contiguous playback bug fix.
New in version 1.4:RNS:: logo
  • Mode conversion - now you can convert ringtones from one standard to another!
  • Recording in all modes (previously possible in 'Mode 0' only).
  • Major internal changes (maximum ringtone, Palm, and MIDI compatibility).
  • Fixed MIDI export (now generates correct MIDI format).
  • 'Replace' command for easy ringtone standardization.
New in version 1.3:RNS:: logo
  • 'Mode 4' (RTTTL standard support).
  • 'Mode 5' (Motorola standard support).
  • No 100-note limit.
  • Preferences window (with multiple options).
  • System MIDI Database size display.
  • Individual MIDI size display (with checkbox to show/hide).
New in version 1.2:RNS:: logo
  • 'Mode 0' - HoHo native mode that supports all features (including single note volume).
  • Notes recording while playing on piano-like keyboard.
  • Start-up action selection (paste, load, empty).
  • Two buttons to change order of MIDI files in the System MIDI Database.
  • Direct help on notation modes (in 'Help' menu).
New in version 1.1:RNS:: logo
  • Full management of 'System MIDI Files' database - 'Play MIDI' and 'Rename' commands added.
  • 'Keyboard' and 'Graffiti Help' menu commands added.
New in version 1.0:RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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