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RNS:: Butterfly version history

New in version 4.3:RNS:: logo
  • "Generate" command - instantly create a brand new and original theme based on your favorite colors!
  • Options to reset settings for all applications at once in the "Applications" feature.
New in version 4.2:RNS:: logo
  • All color theme lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • The active bit depth's menu item is now marked in the main menu.
  • The "Default" color theme option now loads the user selected system color theme instead of always loading the "Original" system color theme (on Palm OS 5 devices with built-in color themes support).
New in version 4.1:RNS:: logo
  • 5-Way Navigator focus ring color customization.
  • Navigation with the 5-Way Navigator.
  • High resolution graphics for the "Effects" feature.
  • More meaningful title of the "Pick Color" window.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 4.0:RNS:: logo
  • Supports unlimited number of color themes (was limited to 48).
  • Application list now doesn't show hidden applications.
  • Quick link to additional theme sets in the "Load Theme" dialog.
  • Bugfix: theme and bit depth settings were not applied properly for the "Prefs" application.
  • Other minor features and bugfixes.
New in version 3.9:RNS:: logo
  • Theme and bit depth settings are now immediately restored after a soft reset.
  • Bugfix: Effects did not always restore brightness and auto-off delay on exit.
  • Bugfix: 16-bit icon was not transparent.
New in version 3.8:RNS:: logo
  • Beaming saved color themes.
  • Sending (via SMS, Bluetooth, etc.) saved color themes.
New in version 3.7:RNS:: logo
  • Optimized theme and bit depth change on application switch on Palm OS 5.
  • Theme bit depth information in the themes list of the "Load Theme" and "Save Theme" dialogs.
  • Application customization information in the databases list of the "Applications" feature.
  • Alphabetical key look-up in the databases list of the "Applications" feature.
  • Theme Preview bugfix.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
New in version 3.6:RNS:: logo
  • Bit depth indicator inside Butterfly.
  • Bugfix: some Effects did not show in 16-bit mode.
  • Bugfix: Palette did not refresh in 16-bit mode.
  • Bugfix: on some devices brightness level was affected by Effects.
  • 16-bit icon compatibility bugfix.
New in version 3.5:RNS:: logo
  • Full Palm OS 5 support.
  • Enhanced 16-bit color depth support.
  • Other minor changes (also in Butterfly Hack).
New in version 3.3:RNS:: logo
  • 16-bit color depth support.
  • "Applications" bugfix.
  • Live Preview bugfix.
  • Butterfly Hack - bugfixes.
  • New theme in full version (Lelloah).
New in version 3.2:RNS:: logo
  • Live Preview in the "Load Theme" dialog.
  • Larger buttons in the "Theme" view.
  • Annoying confirmations removed.
  • Butterfly Hack - bugfix.
New in version 3.1:RNS:: logo
  • "Palette" feature now also works on all Handspring devices (Visor Prism, Treo, etc.).
  • Support of the oversized color palettes (affected by Khroma).
  • Minor changes in the Butterfly Hack.
New in version 3.0:RNS:: logo
  • The "Applications" feature - assign various bit depths and color themes to different applications.
  • Introduction of the "RNS:: Butterfly Hack" to support the "Applications" feature.
New in version 2.3a:RNS:: logo
  • "Colorfade" effect bugfix.
New in version 2.3:RNS:: logo
  • "Random" command - create a brand new and original theme with just one tap!
  • Butterfly is even more intitive with the modified controls preview layout.
  • The developer's webpage address has changed - updated links in Butterfly.
New in version 2.2:RNS:: logo
  • "Invert" command - to automatically invert all colors of a theme.
  • "Darken" and "Lighten" commands - also work on a whole theme.
  • Hard buttons scroll the Load and Save lists.
  • Backup bit set for all saved themes.
New in version 2.1:RNS:: logo
  • PRC size reduction by 3K due to code optimization.
  • 8-bit theme in full version.
New in version 2.0b:RNS:: logo
  • On-icon bit depth indicator.
  • 2-bit theme in full version.
New in version 2.0a:RNS:: logo
  • Bugfixes in trial version (full version not changed).
New in version 2.0:RNS:: logo
  • Butterfly is now shareware.
  • Themes support in all display color bit depths.
  • System Palette editor added - use all supported RGB colors.
  • Visual Effects added.
  • Simple "Reload" command added.
  • Field selection preview added.
New in version 1.3:RNS:: logo
  • RGB color picker.
  • Hex color values display.
  • Additional preset themes.
New in version 1.2:RNS:: logo
  • Selected display color bit depth remains for the System.
  • "All" category added - to edit all User Interface elements in one place.
  • Simple "Save" command added.
New in version 1.1:RNS:: logo
  • Supports multiple bit depths on one device.
New in version 1.0:RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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