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Purchase price in dollars pleaseRNS:: logo
lewis Field wrote: January 4th, 2007
I just purchased the treo area codes USA ..Can someone kindly let me know the dollar amount I will be charged..
Thank you.. lewfield@gmail.com

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 6th, 2007
It is 10 EURO, which is about 15 US Dollars, and that's the amount that will be deducted from your card if you order TreoAreaCodes.

jeremiahjwalls wrote: May 9th, 2007
I paid 9 euros and it was 12.50 U.S.A dollars

David Lerell wrote: June 4th, 2007
I finally bought TreoAreaCodes with a credit card and got the message "Thank you for your purchase" and did'nt get get a product download or registration key or nothing. I tried to contact these people several times with no reply. What should I do now besides change my credit card number ?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 5th, 2007
David, I replied your question here.
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