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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

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Each Menu in Hi-Launcher consists of items that can perform various actions. They may, for example, start a program, toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi state, or display current date and time. Items have been divided into several groups. Primary item types are:

  • Submenu
    Used to create a hierarchical Menu structure with submenus. Each submenu can contain nested items.
  • Program
    Launches a particular program.
  • Setting
    Opens a particular Settings panel.
  • Go To
    Directs your browser to a specific web address.
  • Contact
    Initiates phone, text message, or e-mail contact with a specific person.
  • List
    Used to display a list of recently used programs or phone numbers. Programs can be run, and numbers can be dialed.
  • Special
    This group contains miscellaneous items not classified elsewhere.
  • Toggle
    This group contains items that turn on and off various system devices.
  • Status
    This group contains items that display the current status of various system parameters.
  • Splitter
    Used to give headlines to groups of items or to visually separate other Menu items (if used with an empty caption).
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Adding new items to the Menu

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