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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Load Special Menu screenRNS:: logo

Use this screen to load one of the pre-configured Menus. You have a choice of the following options:

  • I will design the Menu from scratch
    This option is available while installing or reinstalling Hi-Launcher only. It lets you add only those items to the Menu that you really need and use. It can greatly speed-up and simplify your every-day work with the mobile device.
  • Load a sample Menu
    This option will install a sample Menu showing most of Hi-Launcher's features.
  • Mimic the original Start Menu
    On Windows Mobile 5 and 6 this option will fill Hi-Launcher's Menu with the contents of the original Start Menu in your system. On Windows Mobile 6.5 it will make Hi-Launcher's Menu look like the classic Start Menu in older versions of Windows Mobile (in contrast to the "honeycomb" style Start Screen found on the new devices).

These Menus are a good starting point when creating your own Menu. After loading they can be freely adjusted to your needs in the Design The Menu screen.

HintsRNS:: logo

Loading any of these Menus will automatically set Start button tap as your Menu trigger.

Related help topicsRNS:: logo

Design The Menu screen

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