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RNS:: Hi-Launcher version history

New in version 1.1:RNS:: logo
  • New option: background image (custom Menu wallpaper) support.
  • New option for "List" items: combo task items - switch and end tasks with a single Menu item.
  • New option for "Status" > "Memory" items: display storage card memory information (total, free, used, percent).
  • Improved functionality of the "End task" and "End All Tasks" commands.
  • Navigation between Menu items is now also possible with the "Tab" key.
  • "Design The Menu" screen: New option to apply copied style to whole Menu at once.
  • "Design The Menu" screen: Whole submenu structures can now be copied/duplicated.
  • "Design The Menu" screen: Default colors are now remembered when creating new submenus.
  • "Pick Setting" screen: New option to add all settings from a selected category to the Menu at once.
  • "Pick Program" screen: New option to add all programs from a selected folder to the Menu at once.
  • "Display Options" screen: More choices for the "Auto Hide Menu in" setting.
  • "Display Options" screen: New option: "Auto Select item in".
  • "Display Options" screen: New option for the "Double trigger-press" setting: "Next Item".
  • "Load Special Menu" screen: Last used option is now remembered.
  • Previous location is now remembered in all file selection dialogs.
  • Bugfix: Combo "Contact" items passed the "Call telephone" text to the Phone application instead of the contact's name.
  • Bugfix: Could show the same application twice in "List"=>"Start program" items in some circumstances.
  • Bugfix: Hi-Launcher Settings could freeze on some Windows Mobile 6.1 devices over screens with tabs at the bottom.
  • Several other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 1.0:RNS:: logo
  • First version. Corresponds to version 3.5 of Hi-Launcher for Palm OS.
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