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RNS:: TopSelecText

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS
Target device: Treo and Centro

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RNS:: TopSelecText - icon TopSelecText:
Highlight text with the 5-Way Navigator. Dial numbers by pressing Shift+Center.

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RNS:: TopSelecText - software screenshot
TreoSelecText becomes TopSelecTextRNS:: logo
This application now supports Treo and Centro smartphones, so we decided to give it a more general name. RNS:: TreoSelecText was renamed to RNS:: TopSelecText. Free updates for all RNS:: products are still valid for renamed products.
You and your Treo device need thisRNS:: logo
Easy to use, feels like it was always there. It fundamentally changes the way one interacts with text on the device. Normally, there is no way to select/highlight text on your Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p or Palm Centro smartphone without removing the stylus or struggling with a finger. Now you can do it!
Select text!RNS:: logo
Use the following Shift and 5-Way Navigator combinations to highlight words:
  • Shift+Left
  • Shift+Right
  • Shift+Up
  • Shift+Down
Hyperlink!RNS:: logo
Use the Shift+Center combination to do one of these:
  • dial selected number
  • send SMS to selected number
  • send e-mail to selected address
  • navigate selected web address
  • lookup selected name in contacts
  • highlight current word
  • highlight current line
  • highlight whole text field
  • show system command bar
  • New! copy selection / paste text at cursor
TopSelecText user's resourcesRNS:: logo
Forum threadsForum - read comments about TopSelecText and post your own messages.
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So you have a Treo or Centro device... Great!
Visit the Software for Treo and Centro smartphones web site to discover all our applications for your phone!
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