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RNS:: Memory Scanner

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: Memory Scanner - icon Memory Scanner:
Find everything anywhere in the memory of your mobile device!

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Description of Memory ScannerRNS:: logo

Memory Scanner will scan the whole database memory built into your device (RAM and ROM) looking for a given text string or binary data inside all records and resources.

You can search for all kinds of data:

  • find system entries
  • find application data
  • find your personal data

You may search and view the results in two modes:

  • find text
  • find binary data
Customize your scanRNS:: logo

To speed up your search you can define your own search filters:

  • find within databases by type/creator mask
  • find within selected databases

You may also use ready made filters:

  • find within applications
  • find within hacks
  • find within doc files
  • find within preferences
  • find within user data
New! Scan for errorsRNS:: logo
Use the optional Scan For Errors command to scan the device's memory in search of database errors.
This scanning mode will check memory integrity and look for corrupt databases or storage errors.
It may help you diagnose the reason of unexpected behavior of your device or its frequent crashes.
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