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RNS:: Hi-Launcher version history

New in version 3.5:RNS:: logo
  • New Toggle item - "Keylights" - toggles keyboard lights on Treo and Centro smartphones.
  • Menu items can now be cut, copied, and pasted in the "Design the Menu" screen.
  • The "URL" item does no longer relaunch Blazer if it was already running.
  • Option to sort Menu items alphabetically by caption in the "Design the Menu" screen.
  • Supports various lock modes provided by TealLock (www.tealpoint.com).
  • A menu icon added to the "Design the Menu" screen.
  • Bugfix - the Menu was not always painted correctly in non-color screen modes.
  • Bugfix - transparency was ignored in case of some applications' icons.
  • Bugfix - caused problems when alerts popup instead of the Menu and the trigger is press-and-hold.
  • Bugfix - invisible items were not highlighted in a proper way.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 3.4:RNS:: logo
  • Direct Preferences Panels launching!
  • New item - "HotSync L." - initiate the HotSync operation using the connection method that was used last time (useful for syncing via Bluetooth or WiFi).
  • Menu navigation with side buttons of Treo 650 and newer.
  • The "Auto-Off" state is now automatically restored after a soft reset.
  • More capacious "Caption", "URL", and "Dial" input fields.
  • Enhanced "Double trigger-press" functionality.
  • New "Double trigger-press" action: "Recent App." - go to the recently running application.
  • Changes made in the "Exclusions" screen are applied immediately.
  • Bugfix - camera preview overlaid the Menu on Treo 680 and newer.
  • Bugfix - the Center button of the 5-Way Navigator did not work as a "Press-and-hold" trigger.
  • Bugfix - hard buttons of Palm LifeDirve did not work correctly as a Recent App. trigger.
  • Bugfix - Recent Application was not recorded if it was launched with the "Find" system feature.
  • Bugfix - the "Toggle Backlight" option did not work properly on color Treo devices.
  • Bugfix - the "Brightness" item now displays the correct "Adjust Brightness" dialog on Treo 650 and newer.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 3.3:RNS:: logo
  • New item - "Redial" - perfect for creating redial lists (containing most recent calls) on Treo smartphones!
  • Configurable double trigger-press action - pressing the trigger again over the Menu can: hide the Menu, select Menu item, launch the default launcher, or perform the default action for the trigger.
  • More high resolution graphics: application icons and the setup screens.
  • Bugfix - the Phone application was not launched if a phone call was answered when Hi-Launcher's Menu was visible.
  • Fixed power on functionality if a hard button is set as trigger on Treo devices.
  • Added names of the new Treo 680 buttons.
  • Bugfix - the "URL" item did not work from the destination application.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 3.2:RNS:: logo
  • New Toggle item - "Radio" - toggles radio wireless mode on Treo smartphones.
  • Bugfix - could crash while launching DA's (Desk Accessories) over some applications.
  • Fixed compatibility with VersaMail.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 3.1:RNS:: logo
  • Menus are saved together with their Frame and Contents properties.
  • The "Save" dialog uses the previously loaded Menu's name by default.
  • Smoother "Mosaic" animation.
  • Significant program size reduction (by 30K) due to code optimization.
New in version 3.0:RNS:: logo
  • Menus saving and loading.
  • "Toggle Hi-Launcher on/off" commands for faster Hi-Launcher activation/deactivation.
  • Menu items can be made invisible.
  • The phone number picker (for the "Dial" items) now also fills in the "Caption" field.
  • Fixed compatibility with TapWave Zodiac.
  • Bugfix - could crash on switching to card applications from certain applications (e.g. from Blazer on palmOne Treo).
  • Bugfix - the Menu could immediately hide on palmOne Tungsten|T3 and Tungsten|T5.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 2.9:RNS:: logo
  • New item type - "Dial" - dials a predefined phone number. Perfect for smartphones - organize your contacts in a hierarchical order by adding them to your Hi-Launcher's Menu!
  • Option+character support for Menu shortcuts on palmOne Treo devices.
  • Fixed compatibility with FontSmoother by Alexander Pruss.
  • Other minor changes...
New in version 2.8:RNS:: logo
  • Smaller Menu sizes available - now more items can fit in each menu.
  • Treo 650 "customizable button" support.
  • Fixed compatibility with RNS:: TreoSelecText.
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes...
New in version 2.7:RNS:: logo
  • 5-Way Navigator support on palmOne Treo 650 and palmOne Tungsten|T5.
  • Bugfix - could freeze when an alert popped-up over the Menu, with the "Persistent selection/highlight" option enabled.
New in version 2.6:RNS:: logo
  • Option to load a Sample Menu instead of designing a Menu manually.
  • New item type - "URL" - goes to a predefined URL. This may be a website address, an e-mail address or any other protocol that is registered in your PDA.
  • Option to force one item to be initially selected/highlighted in a menu.
  • Treo 600 Keyguard's lock is now respected.
  • Treo 600 specific buttons' behavior fixed.
  • On-screen Keyboard automatically pops up if the edited text in the "Design the Menu" screen does not fit its field.
  • Palm Portable Keyboard support.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 2.5:RNS:: logo
  • Significant speed optimization on Palm OS 5 handhelds.
  • New Special item - "Reminders" - pops up the system window that lists reminders, attentions, and alarms.
  • New Special item - "Graffiti" - pops up the Graffiti or Graffiti 2 reference dialog.
  • Option to show hidden applications in lists.
  • Bugfix - could crash on returning to card applications after locking a handheld, etc.
  • Bugfix - hard buttons did not work properly on Palm Tungsten|W.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 2.4:RNS:: logo
  • New Toggle item - "Network" - toggles network connections on/off.
  • Option to show the percentage of free memory in the "Memory" Status item.
  • "Tap through submenus" option - walk through submenus with a single tap.
  • Customizable "Tap/Press-and-hold" delay for the triggers.
  • Bottom/Right screen bases for the triggers - especially for devices with a slider (e.g. the Tungstens).
  • Extended drawing area support (HiRes+, 320x480) in Setup screens.
  • RGB color picker option in the background, text, and frame color pickers.
  • Application lists now don't show hidden applications.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 2.3:RNS:: logo
  • Garmin iQue 3600 buttons support.
  • Kyocera's "OK" button support.
  • Even more enhanced 5-Way Navigator functionality.
  • Bugfix - the Menu could immediately hide on Sony Clie PEG-TH55.
  • Bugfix - did not detect backlight state on Handspring Treo 600.
  • Bugfix - the "Item Properties" form could cause crashes on Tapwave Zodiac.
  • Bugfix - "Recent App." items did not always store the right application on Palm OS 5 handhelds.
  • Bugfix - Desk Accessories could sometimes freeze on exiting.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 2.2:RNS:: logo
  • New Toggle item - "Bluetooth" - toggles the Bluetooth radio on/off to save battery. Requires BtToggle from Whizoo.
  • New Special item - "Soft Reset" - performs a soft reset.
  • Enhanced 5-Way Navigator functionality.
  • Compatible with Uninstall Manager from NorthGlide.
  • Bugfix - some Special items were not launched with triggers set to their functionality.
  • Bugfix - card applications were not launched if their icon was set not to be displayed.
New in version 2.1:RNS:: logo
  • Option to disable Hi-Launcher in selected applications (the triggers will no longer interfere with games, etc.).
  • Bugfix - crashed if the Menu contained a no longer existing application.
  • Bugfix - progress bar display problems while loading large card applications.
  • Bugfix - battery voltage indicator could display inaccurate values.
New in version 2.0:RNS:: logo
  • Card Applications launching (VFS support)!
  • Desk Accessories launching (DA support)!
  • New Status item - "Battery" - shows battery power in volts or percent.
  • New Status item - "Memory" - shows total, used, or free RAM memory sizes in kilobytes.
  • New Status item - "Date/Time" - shows date, time, or day of week.
  • New Special item - "HotSync M." - initiate the HotSync operation using modem.
  • Option to disable showing of particular items' icons.
  • Option to always restore the original (system) color palette for the time of showing the Menu.
  • "Menu" button support on Treo 600.
  • Behavior fixed when the "Home" silk-screen icon or the "Power" button is the trigger.
  • Bugfix - did not work during a phone call on Treo 600.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 1.1:RNS:: logo
  • Graffiti/Keyboard shortcuts - each item can have a character assigned for faster execution.
  • "Exclude from Recent" option.
  • Stroke triggers may now be defined anywhere on the screen (not only in the silk-screen area).
  • New Special item - "Menu" - pop-up the system menu.
  • New Special item - "Auto-Off" - toggle the "Auto-Off" setting.
  • New Special item - "Sys. Sound" - toggle the "System Sound" setting.
  • The highlight remains over the same item after entering and leaving its submenu.
  • Option to disable showing of the default icon if an application's icon is not available.
  • 5-Way Rocker support (Treo 600).
  • 5-Way Navigation Key support (Xplore G18).
  • Bugfix - the width of a menu could be wrongly calculated with the "Reverse Recent Apps sort order" option checked if it contained several "Recent App." items using different "Bold font" settings.
  • Bugfix - the "Menu Design" and "Frame" screens did not refresh after picking a color in the 16-bit display mode.
  • Bugfix - some hard buttons and silk-screen icons could not be made triggers on some Palm OS 5 handhelds.
  • Bugfix - Graffiti State Indicator could overlay the Menu.
  • Bugfix - "Pen q out of sync" errors could appear on some Palm OS 5 handhelds.
  • Bugfix - toggling the Dynamic Input Area visibility (HiRes+) caused Menu display problems.
  • Other minor enhancements, features, bugfixes...
New in version 1.0:RNS:: logo
  • First release.
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