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kess wrote: January 20th, 2007
HBX works wonderfully, but not with DateBk and other programs in which on has to press a button to cycle through the different program screens. Is there any solution except not to use HBX on that button?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 21st, 2007
The only solution is to exclude HBX for that very applications, but it will disable the enhanced functionality of all the 4 buttons. To do so, use the "More Options"=>"Exclusions" menu command in the HBX Setup screen.

I'll try to find a better solution in future releases...

kess wrote: January 28th, 2007
Thank you for the information. I find that I can work around this problem by not assigning one of the four buttons. The HBX enhancement gives me access to 12 not 16 programs, but it is still terrific. I use the HBX unassigned button for DatBk AND I use it as the assigned button to change screens on WirelessClock. Perhaps in your next version you could gain access to the side button that is presently not 'controlable' by HBX.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 28th, 2007
Great! Why I didn't think about such solution? ;-)
I will think about the side button, but I can't promise anything at the moment...

Ken C. wrote: June 11th, 2007
I am testing the trial version of HBX on my Treo 700p and I am not sure if I want to purchase it. The developer makes a bold claim that purchasing the application includes unlimited upgrades, yet it bothers me that the product has not been updated for 3 years and is clearly outdated. It shows completely different hard buttons. The trial version only enables configuring the Date Book button, which it shows located in the 1st position on the left. On the Treo 700p, the correct terminology is "Calendar button" and it is located in the 2nd position from the left. When I press the Calendar button, the Calendar application launches like always. I have to press the Phone button to launch HBX. This may seem like a minor point, since ultimately I can get HBX to work, but if the developer can't be bothered updating the product, I don't have a lot of confidence that I can expect support of any kind after I pay for the app.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 19th, 2008
Version 4.0 is now compatible with all Treos.

Ken C. wrote: January 19th, 2008
Well, despite never receiving a timely reply to my earlier post, I did go ahead and buy HBX 3.5 for my Treo 700p back in June 2007. But now that versoin 4.0 is out, I still have issues with it.

(1) Version 4.0 still cannot exclude applications installed on the external SD card.

(2) The About.html file boldly claims that both the Battery Level and Free Memory indicators are supported, but I have never (in version 3.5 or even now in 4.0) been able to figure out how to add them. They don't appear in the list of applications that can be selected (Action: Launch; Location: Handheld; Application: ?).

(3) The About.html file has not been updated for version 4.0. It still describes version 3.5. The statement "Additionally, you can bind 4 programs to the Calculator silk screen icon and one more to the Page Up hard button." makes no sense to me, a Treo 700p owner, so it would be helpful if you explain what Palm devices you are talking about here.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 19th, 2008
(1) True - still scheduled for a future version

(2) Tap on the Clock in the HBX pop up window to toggle its display to Battery Level or Free Memory indicator.

(3) True - I put the wrong file in the packages. I'm sorry. Thank you for reporting this. I'll post the right file immediately.

Ken C. wrote: January 19th, 2008
(1) Okay, great, I look forward to getting that update. I have two games installed on the SD card that can only be played by turning off HBX.

(2) Excellent. Now, I know throughout the day if the battery is running low, since I don't always remember to go to the main screen to check.

(3) Okay. Since accessing the Battery Level and Free Memory indicators is not intuitive, I hope you will explain this a little better in the revised About.html file.

Thanks for the speedy response.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 19th, 2008
(3) This is explained in the Interactive Presentation available on www.ranosoft.net/palm/hard-button-extender/ as well as in HBX itself - after tapping on the "i" icon in the HBX pop up screen.

kess wrote: January 22nd, 2008
I just downloaded and installed the new version of HBX. Pressing the time does show battery and free memory. Other than that, the new version does absolutely nothing more on my Treo than the prior version.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 23rd, 2008
Read here about the differences between the versions: www.ranosoft.net/palm/hard-button-extender/history.php

Tap on the clock in the HBX pop up window - it will stop showing time and switch to battery level indicator instead. Then if you tap on it again, it will show free memory. One more tap and you get the clock again.

kess wrote: January 23rd, 2008
Thanks for the quick reply. I had hoped that this new version would be usable with other of the function keys, such as the "green" and/or "side" buttons. I see that is not the case. The battery/memory reading is a convenience, however.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 23rd, 2008
You may try our Hi-Launcher if you would like to assign functions to these buttons.
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