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RNS:: Butterfly forum thread

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Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: January 23rd, 2009
Good evening!

Two weeks ago, on what was believed to
be January 7th, I downloaded the free- ware version of "Butterfly" which would give you different background colors for
my Palm Centro, which I have owned in the last 13 months.

But early Thursday morning, when I tried
to switch from Butterfly colors to any of the original color choices, it would only display the "Original" background and
make any other system color disabled, and in downloading Butterfly, it would only pick up nine colors instead of 10.

Therefore, only 10 backgrounds current-
ly are operating at this time; it should be
at least four times as much now (44).

Would I need to purchase any or all of
the other Butterfly applications, so that
more color choices would be operating
at the same time?

I hope the answer is yes; this year, I am
planning to purchase all of them, one at
a time each month. Thank you/gracias!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 25th, 2009
If Butterfly is installed, then none of the system (built-in) color themes will work. Instead, you can load Butterfly themes, or create your own themes with Butterfly. You can use our color theme sets (we offer 4 sets of 20 themes, which gives 80 different themes on total). Yes, you'll have to buy them... Thanks for your interest, Marty!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: January 25th, 2009
Hello again!

I did predict the other day, while not knowing about this until this past Thursday, that the recent freeware download-
ing of Butterfly did put on the new colors on my Palm Centro, but would automatically, as you mentioned, disable the original colors the phone submitted, except for the "Original" option color itself--the blue bar with white lettering
on the top.

Would purchasing any of the other five software products for Butterfly (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palette
which is believed to be the full, $15-registered version) add more background choices but still disable the orignal system colors, making it over 100 to 200 backgrounds, including those similar to the system colors that would be available when the phone was purchased?

I hope so, and by the way, Radoslaw, I shall thank you for answering the first message, and hope to hear from you
again soon! For the record, I may purchase the "Bronze" 20-color package next weekend; the others will be later.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 27th, 2009
The themes from our 4 theme packs work exactly the same way as the themes bundled with Butterfly. So you need Butterfly to load them, and thus the system themes must be disabled (I mean they are automatically disabled by Butterfly).

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: January 27th, 2009
Thanks again, Radoslaw; I saw the new E-mail message first on my Palm Centro which, of course, now has the free-ware Butterfly colors--nine in all, plus the lone "Original" from the now-disabled system colors which otherwise would
have been active.

I believe that with the purchase of the other five color packages, there would be 30 preferences with one theme pack,
(if it's not the Palette), followed by 50 with two theme packs, etc. The first purchase is going to be, as expected, the
Bronze application for just $3.00 US! And if that does give me all those multiple choices, I will say to you three hap-py words: thank you/gracias!

I would have put Butterfly on an older Palm pilot last year; that Palm now belongs to my grandniece, Kyla, who lives
in Las Vegas--and she is only 10 years old, but I did customize it for her age!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 28th, 2009
Nice to hear that :)
After installing each theme set, 20 new themes will be added to the Butterfly's "Load Theme" screen. The themes that were provided with Butterfly will also be available there.
Note, that we only have 4 theme packs (Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Silver), and not 5 as you mentioned...

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: January 28th, 2009
Thank you, but I call it five packs because I believe that the "Palette", which has hund- reds of colors in suggestion, is one of five different applications, while the other four use
only 20 each. And I think that all of them would require separate, registered purchases
before any of them can be downloaded.

I should put you into the list of frequently-used E-mailers, Radoslaw, and maybe on My
Space--well, maybe not, but thanks again!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: April 2nd, 2009
Good evening again!

I believe that it was me who last submitted a message to you about the software product, "Butterfly", and that was in late January--over two months ago now!

Last week, I purchased the "Gold Theme" Butterfly series for my Sprint Palm Centro, after having also downloaded
and purchased the freeware, then it was followed by "Bronze Theme" and "Silver Theme". One color from the Silver
Theme package, "Black Porky", had to be taken off my phone due to its inability to read the names of my applica-
tions that normally appear under their logos.

Only two more purchases would be needed from you at this time, but not yet until May and June: "Platinum Theme",
and the Palette package which, I understand at this time, is on sale.

Mobihand Software is currently selling the Palette version of Butterfly for about $13.50, but how long will the sale be
lasting just to save $1.50? And how long is the trial version active if I downloaded it today?

(I call it Palette because of the possibility of creating more colors than all of the other Butterfly downloads combined,
and why not?)

You can answer these questions by April 10th, and I could possibly be again the last to post a message--until finally
someone else does it.

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: April 4th, 2009
I tried the Butterfly Palette download Friday, but since I am new to those ideas, it ended up deleting all of the other
Butterfly downloads, and had to start all over. In the weeks to come, it appears that I will have to repurchase all of
my Butterfly themes, which are bronze ($3.00), silver ($4.00), gold ($5.00), platinum ($6.00), and finally the registra-
tion of the one that costs almost $15.00, but it probably will not be until June. (I did restore the freeware version on
Friday following the accidental deletion of all the other colors, leaving me with only ten at this time--it was briefly 68
plus the original that my Palm Centro displays on its device.)

And so the question for you is this: would the aforementioned full version of Butterfly, with the multi-color selection
of anything (I actually tried briefly the upper left-hand corner of application titles and it was showing a yellow bar with
white text inside, but only six changes are allowed in the unregistered version), automatically restore all of the orig- inal download purchases, or do all of those fancy names of colors come with the Palette version? I hope you would understand this question; if the answer to all is yes, then I can move the purchase date to sometime in May instead of June--that makes sense, and best of all, would save $18.00, instead of needing to spend $33.00 for all five items!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: April 6th, 2009
The trial version of Butterfly is not time-limited, so it will work infinitely. It is limited functionally, though.
I wrote you an e-mail about the items that you purchased, so please check your mailbox to get access to the full version downloads that you lost.

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: April 7th, 2009
Thank you for telling me about the fact that I did not "lose" the download files as you had told me, Radoslaw.

Since I did try the short-lived, 6-move version of Butterfly with the palette colors, I actually had all the other colors
made in recent purchases deleted by default, but had since restored the "Freeware," "Bronze," and "Silver" packs.
I also downloaded and purchased "Gold Themes" but have not yet reinstalled it.

I am planning to purchase the complete Butterfly package within the next two months, as I still have other personal
expenses to pay, including purchasing an earthquake supplies kit upon the request of a lady I've known for years.
Then I shall consider the Butterfly/Palette purchase after that, but I will look forward to seeing over 2000 different col-
our combinations on my Palm Centro!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: April 11th, 2009
Sure, safety is most important. So she's a wise lady if she asks you to protect yourself from any possible threat!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: April 11th, 2009
I don't think Butterfly downloads are safe, but thank you for the comment about safety--the lady's name is Elizabeth,
but for many years, I have nicknamed her "Betsy'! But just to be curious, are there any other software products that
you would know of that can change colors the way Butterfly does?

I tried one idea from someone else--it was "Colorize", but that application could not make color alternations. Butter-
fly would be the best there ever was! Only one thing to ask you, Radoslaw: where are the functions limited in the full Palette version of Butterfly? I believe that it will create, according to my calculations, at least 2,000 color com-binations--which means I can display on July 4th, for example, a red, white, and blue calendar!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: April 14th, 2009
Marty, I have never counted the number of possible color combinations, but for sure there are so many of them that you're never going to see them all befere you get borred with changing them :)

I don't know any other similar software, and for sure none has so many features as Butterfly!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: May 25th, 2009
Good morning!

I have not E-mailed you in six weeks, but as I had just observed, nobody else had sent you one--what a shame!

On May 19, I did purchase the fifth of a series of color themes for my Palm Centro, called Platinum, and it leaves
me with just one more to go--the ultimate Palette application! I tried that download last month, but soon thereaf-
ter, while trying to install a special Google software disk, I did not have access to Windows at home for 23 days.
(I almost had to buy another computer and try to restore everything!)

Then after the computer I am on now was finally repaired by a friend who does this for a living, I restored the Gold
Theme Colors which was deleted when I put on the trial version of Palette, which ended after only six moves.

In June, I will finally purchase the registered version of Palette which, as I told you a few weeks ago, should come up with thousands of color combinations!

So the question for you, Radoslaw, is the following: I know that registration for Palette would be almost $15.00
US, but can this be purchased and then downloaded without synchronizing from the computer to the Palm Cen-
tro, just to speed up the process? (Some applications were downloaded using just the small telephone already!)

You can answer the question by Saturday, May 30th; after the "Butterfly 16" logo (which is Palette's wingding) is
on as a registration, there would be no more colors needed!

About the only thing that remains, perhaps, is an invitation for you to be on Facebook!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: May 27th, 2009
I should say about, in my asking on whether the Palette download applies to my Palm Centro without synchronizing
on my computer the other day, it works on the "PRC" version (whatever that means) for the download to the phone
itself, but there was no mention about its registered version. Palette works for the trial edition which only allows six
moves, so after making the payment that has yet to come, I shall consider trying the same thing sometime in June.

Having said that, this was to be my third and last comment about Butterfly's Palette application--the one which will
most likely display over 4,000 color combinations--more than what I have now--only 88 by contrast. I can't wait to
download the version that costs $15.00, but as they said in that TV commercial the following: Butterfly Palette--$15,
120 different colors to make 3,000 combinations--priceless!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 29th, 2009
Yes, you can buy Butterfly (or "Palette", as you call it) using your Palm Centro on this website (namely here). After going through the payment process, you'll be given a link to download the full version file directly to your device, and run it immediately.

You can also register Butterfly on your PC, and then just using your phone follow the steps from the automatic e-mail that you receive after the purchase. The steps will guide you to have the full version file sent to your mailbox - then you can just install it from the message attachment.

I like your Butterfly slogan :) Priceless :-) Unfortunately I never had time to register on Facebook, so I can't accept your invitation... Thanks, anyway! :-) And thank you for registering our software!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: June 6th, 2009
Good morning again!

This will probably make it 17, or even 18 messages when this is all said and done!

Yesterday, I did purchase the entire Butterfly Palette application in which I had commented makes more color com-
binations than you can think of. Maybe I found out why it has for its logo the colored butterfly with the number "16":
they use, to represent colors, something called the 'hexadecimal system!' (I believe that in the hexadecimal system
the digits in use are 0 to 9, of course, but also uses the letters A to F in alphabetical order--16 different characters!)

And yes, Ranoslaw, it can change colors on all different title names, backgrounds, etc.--and it includes all, or most
of the color backgrounds I had purchased from January to May, but to operate Palette, I had to delete $18.00 of the
purchases from my Palm Centro. (At least, since Palette was purchased, there will be far more than just 6 moves!)

In what will probably be my last E-mail to you for at least a while--maybe someone else will finally send out one--can
you please, if possible, make out a complete list of the actual color names for all of the hexidecimal identities--and
have them placed on Adobe Acrobat, and also more descriptions on what each of the 26 color options do--also on the same Adobe page? Thank you for my allowing me to purchase the product, but it had to be done with the com-
puter--it was just too difficult to use the phone by itself this time!

I hope that your next application will be backgrounds for one with a spinoff version of the more popular "I-phone",
where the color, or background, does not necessarily have to be black, or maybe a Butterfly background where
your own pictures can be showing! (If you are doing at least one of them, Ranoslaw, then see if you can have it
ready by 999--September 9th, that is!)

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 9th, 2009

You didn't have to remove all your previous purchases to make Butterfly work. You should just remove the freeware "Butterfly Themes" application because its functionality is already present in Butterfly. You can load your purchased themes either with the "Theme"=>"Load" menu command, or assign them to different applications using the "Applications" screen in Butterfly.

The hexadecimal number just tells you the index of the color - they start with 0 (white) and end with FF (black), which is 255 in decimal system. When you tap on any color selector, you will see the complete palette of all 256 colors, so no need of Acrobat reference, I think.

The shortcuts from the "Theme" screen are explained on its sub-screens: "Forms", "Menus", "Controls", and "Fields". Just try changing each item to immediately see what it does change. You won't mess anything up by just changing single colors.

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: June 10th, 2009
Thank you for what is likely to be the last message, Ranoslaw; in fact, since I had purchased "Palette" last week,
I would select the "Random" option where any colors of your choice can appear anywhere!

And that alone would add up to not just thousands, but tens of thousands of color combinations on the Palm what-
ever they use now! For only $14.95 USD, Palette is so colorful, but about the only thing remains is something not
yet in existence--backgrounds of your own pictures on the Palm Centro!

When I will E-mail you again is unknown, but it was fun doing it for a while, Ranoslaw!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 10th, 2009
I don't think I'm ever going to implement custom backgrounds.
Thanks for your questions, Marty.
BTW. My name is "Radoslaw", and not "Ranoslaw" :)

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: June 10th, 2009
I do sometimes forgot what your name was--I didn't remember how it was spelled, but I probably had
forgotten--no surprise here! Unfortunately, you did say that you currently do not have any plans to make
a Butterfly background which would include as an option pictures of your own. Perhaps someone else
will do it, Radoslaw--at least that would be the correct spelling of your name!

Thanks again for writing back!

Marty (Costa Mesa) wrote: October 14th, 2009
I haven't done anything new to Butterfly in four months since I purchased it back on June 5th, except change colors
a lot! (I was also making preparations for a housing appointment which passed, as it was scheduled for the middle
of June--and I still live in the same apartment today.) At least, you E-mailed me back--barely.

All of the downloads that I put on my Palm Centro, from January to June, are still working, including the original color
combinations when set as default with the phone's settings, but since purchasing the Palette edition which followed
as I remember Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (and also the free application), I have not purchased anything else from your website yet.

Maybe I'll E-mail you again sometime in 2010!
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